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What would you do with a new beginning? Let us tell you what we would do . . .

The American Center for German Culture (ACFGC) was founded in 2002. But our story starts with the Columbus Männerchor, which has been around much longer (see the sidebar, right).

A relative newcomer on the scene, the ACFGC also represents a new beginning. It is a non-profit tax-exempt corporation of the State of Ohio, operated in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code . Since its founding, the ACFGC has quietly fulfilled its mission over the last decade through co-sponsoring German cultural events, including several Oktoberfests and the annual Maifest event at The Columbus Männerchor; co-sponsoring numerous public concerts in the German language, including choral performances in the United States and in Germany of The Columbus Männerchor, the Columbus Männerchor's Damenchor and Kinderchor/Jugendchor, and tenor Ontoniel Gonzaga.
Ohio German Language School   The American Center for German Culture has sponsored German language courses, and is proud to announce that in 2011 it now includes the operations of the Ohio German Language School, featuring weekend German language instruction at a variety of levels for children and adults.
Significantly, the ACFGC now is engaged in a fundraising effort to assist in the development of a German Heritage Haus which can provide a community platform for preserving and promoting German culture: singing, music, language, drama, dance, literature, history, art, traditions and current affairs, festivals, lectures, forums, discussion groups, recordings, publications. As presently conceived, the German Heritage Haus will include offices, meeting rooms and a performance hall as a center German cultural activities in the German Village area and Brewery District. Further, the marquee of the German Heritage Haus is expected to be its role as the new home of The Columbus Männerchor, from which The Columbus Männerchor will continue it operation for years to come.
So, what would you do with a new beginning?

A renewed focus on the future? A new home in sight? The Program Committee of the Columbus Männerchor is seeking to expand and promote traditional German celebrations such as Fasching (Mardi Gras), Maifest, and Oktoberfest, as well as other social events and programs of interest to the community, including:
  • Weeknight and Saturday morning German Language Classes for all ages
  • Chautauqua-style discussion forums on German/European history, current events and the arts
  • German history, including local Columbus area
  • Singing in the German language, especially traditional folk styles from Germany, Austria and Europe
  • Genealogical research and assistance
  • Culinary Arts – emphasizing the delicious and healthy aspects of German & European style foods
  • Mini-film festivals highlighting popular/"folk" culture film and TV programs from Germany, Austria and around the world
  • Travel to German speaking countries and U.S. destinations of German interest
  • Hosting German speaking performers, artists, speakers, etc.
  • Hosting small musical groups of all genres that have limited opportunities at other venues
  • Making German-language periodicals available in a special library.
  • Engaging with other European and world culture organizations in Columbus to host family-friendly festivals in celebration of folk cultures from around the world
In addition, the Männerchor is organizing a museum and an online archive of its vast collection of historic documents, photos, recording and other items related to German culture in Ohio. When completed, the museum will be open to the public and the records made available for research.

With renewed energy, the leadership and membership of both The Columbus Männerchor and the ACFGC have enthusiastically and seriously planned strategies for their respective organizations, and have begun implementation in key areas. Help continue their long history of accomplishment. Learn more, and join in creating a flourishing center to preserve and foster the best of German culture in Central Ohio.
Columbus Männerchor
The Männerchor was founded in 1848 by a group of men in area of Columbus, Ohio now known as the "German Village." These men came together to sing and create an atmosphere of Gemütlichkeit. Over the years the Männerchor grew into an organization of over 300 voices and thousands of members.

Singing is the still at the core of the Columbus Männerchor, with the ages in our choruses ranging from pre-school and school-aged children in the Kinderchor and Jugendchor to singers aged 18 to their 90s in the Damenchor and Männerchor.

The Columbus Männerchor has entered a new era, having sold its property at 966 S. High Street. With change comes opportunity. Free of the burdens of the property, the Columbus Männerchor has the ability to refocus the creative energies of its members. With a renewed sprit of growth, members have been continuing the tradition of German song and social events, while reaching out to the wider community to promote German culture and heritage in the Columbus metropolitan area.